Winter Sports/Activities

Welcome to the thematic guide on winter sports and/or activities. The guide contains Background or External Information, and Primary Sources depicting winter sports and/or activities in textual (often newspapers) and graphic format (often photographs).

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Background/External Information

Primary Resources

Textual Materials

Graphic Materials

Print | Winter scene on Mount Royal, Montreal, QC, about 1910 | MP-0000.1750.8.7 Photograph | Skating rink, Montreal harbour, QC, 1876 | MP-1980.47.42 Photograph | Hurdle race on snowshoes, Montreal, QC, 1892 | VIEW-3147.0
Photograph | Tobogganing, park slide, Montreal, QC, 1904 | VIEW-3740.0 Photograph | A snowshoe tramp on the river ice, Montreal, QC, 1903 | VIEW-3613

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