Thematic Guide: Primary Source Resources

Welcome to our Thematic Guide to Primary Source Resources!

This space aims to be a portal for further inspiration and discovery of primary sources for educational usage. Each image represents one thematic area associated with Weather and History in Canada and, more specifically, Montreal. We will continuously update this space as our Research Team finds new sources - Please check back regularly to see new items!

Wherever possible we have included links to open access material but it is possible that items are unavailable. Please contact us if that is the case!


Want to learn more about using archival materials in your environmental research? 

Watch this video created by McGill University ENVR 401 (Environmental Research) students in 2021.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided by DRAW on this and associated pages is for general informational purposes only. DRAW does not claim to hold ownership or copyright to the texts or images shown and instead aims to act as a portal for further discovery.