Interested in learning more about other similar projects out there? Check out our list below of interesting projects and feel free to contact us if you have found a project that you think should be highlighted!

The Network in Canadian History and Environment (NiCHE)

NiCHE is a Canadian-based confederation of researchers and educators who work at the intersection of nature and history. We explore the historical context of environmental matters and communicate our findings to researchers, policymakers, and the public.

The Naturalist

Become a citizen science and help contribute to observations of biodiversity! The Naturalist encourages individuals to record observations about the natural world around them, share with other naturalists and discuss your findings. This data can not only help scientists and resource managers but also build your knowledge of nature.

Project Naming

Ongoing project by Library and Archives Canada to identify the Indigenous peoples present in photographs included in the Library and Archives Canada collections. The project actively crowdsources information from the public and updates their records accordingly. This is done through their Facebook page, and community specific events.

Storm Front Freaks

Labelled “The Most Entertaining Weather Podcast”, Storm Front Freaks is a bi-weekly podcast through Youtube and iTunes hosted by amateur and professional storm enthusiasts, interviewing special guests and discussing all about weather including stories and products.

Decoding the Civil War

This joint project between The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens; North Carolina State University; and Zooniverse aims to transcribe and decode American Civil War telegrams from the Thomast T. Eckert Papers. The project will allow participants to become “citizen archivists”, helping to provide public access to the the previously unavailable records. The project has finished Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be beginning shortly.

Weather Brains

A weekly netcast that is all about weather! Airing on Monday nights, the creators aim to cover everything about weather.

Stanford University Archives

In October 2017 Stanford University Archives launched a crowdsourcing project to transcribe handwritten letters and documents which are present within 8 collections. The project aims to provide better access to their records.

USA National Archives

The United States National Archives has a neat site dedicated to Citizen Archivists, where you can help contribute to their catalog through tagging, transcribing and commenting. As they say “every contribution you make helps unlock history”!

Old Weather

If you're interested in sailing and weather this project is for you! Help scientists transcribe Arctic and worldwide weather observations recorded in ship's logs since the mid-19th century. You can even specifically look at the arctic or whaling!

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Interested in transcribing but not so much into weather data points? Check out the Smithsonian Digital Volunteers project, where you can help transcribe historical documents such as correspondence.

Royal BC Museum

This project has an ever-changing subject matter as different collections are brought to the forefront to be transcribed by volunteers - check it out today to see what is highlighted (such as documents relating to the BC Chinese Community, or letters, diaries and scrapbooks from the First World War.

Global Xplorer

Global Xplorer hopes to discover and protect the shared human story using satellite imagery. Use these images to help discover new wonders for archaeologists to uncover and protect for future generations.