What is this document?

These are DRAW’s Terms of Use. They inform you and other users:

  • What the rules are for using our services
  • What you do with our content, and what we can do with yours. This includes things like sharing content, linking to content and modifying content.

These terms may be modified by us at any time, and the latest version will always apply to you, so make sure you read this carefully and check for updates.

When these terms apply

These terms apply whenever you are using our services, our social media pages or interacting with our content.

Are there additional terms that apply?

When you are accessing our content on other platforms (like Twitter or Facebook) their terms of use may also apply to you. We do not have any control over their terms.

What happens if you don’t follow these terms?

If you do not follow these terms we may terminate or suspend your account with us and/or your ability to use our services and content.


Services are anything digital that we offer, such as websites, apps, products and podcasts.

Content is anything you can find through or on those services, like text, audio, video, images, tutorials, metadata, open-source code and software. This includes content generated by other users through our services, such as a user-created image or user-written social media post.

The User, You and Your refers to the person, company or organization that is using our services, accessing our content or opens and uses an account. A user must be 13 years old.

DRAW, We and US refers to DRAW McGill as well as our affiliates, directors, subsidiaries, contractors, licensors, officers, agents and employees.

A User Account represents a user’s authorization to log in and use our services. An account also serves as your identity on DRAW. Only humans can make accounts, machine created accounts are not permitted. One account is permitted per user. Each individual user must have a separate account. Shared accounts are not permitted. While an account can be deleted, the information and data generated by the user (such as the transcriptions) may not be deleted or removed by us from our services.

Terms for using our services and content:

Who controls my account?

Each user controls their account, subject to the limits listed in these terms. DRAW reserves the right to remove accounts or user-generated content if the user does not follow these terms.

Your responsibility regarding your account

You are responsible for keeping your account secure while using our services and content, including safe-guarding your password and account login. DRAW is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to do so. You are also responsible for any content and activity generated by your account. If you learn of any use or access to your account that you did not authorize, you must promptly let us know about it.

How must I use DRAW Services and Content?

  1. You must comply with all laws and regulations in your area or jurisdiction. This can be things like copyright law or trademark laws. We have users all over the world, and so you are responsible for making sure you comply with your local laws and regulations.
  2. Don’t interfere or change the functioning or use of our services, such as by hacking, placing undue burden on our servers or by attempting to avoid our security methods and technology.
  3. Don’t promote unlawful activities or engage in unlawful activities. An example would be encouraging others to hack our services or dox someone.
  4. Don’t post content that is sexually obscene, defamatory, libelous, fraudulent, or abusive. This includes things like content that harasses other users or other people who do not use our services, or making threats towards DRAW employees and agents.
  5. Don’t violate the privacy of others, such as by posting another person’s personal information without their permission.
  6. Don’t post content that contains malware or viruses.
  7. Don’t pretend to be us. This includes creating an account pretend to be a DRAW employee or agent, using our images, brand or logo without permission from us or making money without our permission from our services and content.
  8. Don’t use our services or content to promote spam or to promote your own business or products without our permission in advance.

Limits on using our services:

  1. You cannot misuse DRAW users’ personal information. If a user gives you their personal information, you agree to only use it in the way the user has authorized it.
  2. You agree to not engage in activity which significantly harm our users, and in the case of disputes, we reserve the right to make decisions that protect our users as a whole.
  3. You agree that DRAW is not responsible for any harm to you caused by another user. That means you can make no claims, demands or request damages from DRAW for anything in relation to a user dispute.
  4. You agree to use our site in good faith, that is, to not knowingly enter incorrect data

Limits on User-Generated content

You own the content you generate, except for the transcriptions (the data you generate from the images we have uploaded for transcription). This content is owned by DRAW, although, when possible, you will retain access to it, barring services issues like website or server crashes or acts of god, like power outages. We are not responsible if transcription data is erased or lost.

You are solely responsible for any content you post, create or upload, even if you did not create it yourself. This means that any harm caused by your content is your responsibility, regardless of the form of the content (such as forum post, uploaded photo, link).

You can only post content that you have a right to use.

We have the right to remove content that we have decided violates these terms or any other DRAW policies, although we do not have the obligation to do so.

How we and other users can use your content

You grant us and our legal successors the right to host, display, translate, publish and share your content and make copies when necessary to provide our services. This means we can make backups and copy it to our database, show it to you and other users, analyze and parse it, share it with other users and perform it, if it is video or audio content, whether or not you are attributed as the author. We can also edit it or change aspects of it without your permission. For example, if you post a photo that you have taken through our services, we may crop or adjust the color and share it publicly.

Any user generated content that you post publicly may be viewed or used by other users, and we are not responsible for the ways in which your content is used by other users.

External links

When we or other users link to other sites not owned or managed by us, a few terms apply.

  1. We do not endorse the site linked
  2. We are not responsible for their content.
  3. We are not liable for anything that happens to you or your computer if you use the link.
  4. Keep in mind that other sites often have their own terms of use.

Our position on climate change

Our position is that climate change exists, and is caused by a complex variety of factors, including both natural and human caused factors. Human caused factors include changes to our local environments, such as land use change and urbanization, as well as more general changes to our environment. Natural changes include factors such as volcanoes, astronomical changes, and internal shifts in the climate system. It is precisely because the climate is a complex, quasi-chaotic dynamic system that we need these historical data to better understand long-term climatic variability.

While users do not have share our position on climate change in regards to the content they share and generate, you agree to not engage in behavior or activity regarding the subject of climate change that is abusive, promotes violence, is threatening or malicious. Your right to personal expression is limited by the right of other users not to be abused. We ask all users to refrain from personal and ad hominem attacks on other users, and we may remove content that violates this term.

Our Liability

You agree that we are not liable to you or any other party for anything that happens arising from:

  1. Your use or inability to use our services
  2. The use or display of your user-generated content
  3. Any suspension or discontinuation of our services or content
  4. Our services generally, even if there are errors, omissions, bugs, delays or interruptions
  5. Our removal of content or services
  6. Any events or issues that were unforeseeable or unpredictable by us
  7. Any user interactions through our content and service

Last Remarks

These terms may change at any time, although we will try to inform users before this happens. If a change does happen, your continued use of our services means that you agree to abide by the changes made to the Terms.

We reserve the right to modify or take down our services, partially or entirely, with or without notice.

The law that governs these terms are the laws of Canada and of Quebec. Only Canadian and Quebec courts can make judgements about them.